A complete line of earth friendly products - Biocontrols and Aeroponic Equipment - here are a few:

Aeroponic Spray Jet Kit - low water usuage

High Pressure Aeroponic (HPA) spray jets and misters operating from 80 to 50 psi. Kit includes tee, 1/8" or 1/4" barbs, and jet (orfice size: .016" or 0.025"). For misting of medical marijuana, hemp & food crops.

Leaf Sensors for precision irrigation

Exclusive leaf sensors, NASA sponsored and funded, for precision irrigation monitoring for all crops including cannabis, vegetable, fruits, and horticultural crops. Low voltage (3.3v) operation.

BEYOND Plant Amendment™ - Indoors & Outdoors

BEYOND all natural Plant Amendment meets USDA NOP starndards for Organic use. Each 16 fl oz bottle of liquid concentrate makes over 472 gallons of solution. Nitrogen source for cannabis, trees, lawns, & flowers.